Counseling Program

Becoming a parent to a premature baby is a journey no one can prepare you for. All of the expectations you had of parenthood gets disrupted by the needs of your new medically fragile infant.

Whether your baby is currently in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or has been discharged, the effects of this life experience can have a profound impact on all aspects of your life. Many parents report feeling depressed, anxious, angry, guilty, lonely, and overwhelmed by the experience of having a premature baby hospitalized in the NICU. Many others have gone on to share that they have a hard time functioning in important areas of their lives, such as having difficulties with their relationships, work, and day-to-day tasks. It is also not uncommon for NICU parents to experience post traumatic stress symptoms related to seeing their baby fight for their life everyday, often times affecting the quality of their relationship with their newborn baby. About 10-15% of all mothers are at risk of postpartum depression and mood disturbances, but for mothers of premature babies, this estimation jumps to 28-70% (Vasa, R., Eldeirawi, K., Kuriakose, V. et al., 2014).

We believe that well-being comes when we tend to all of our needs. So in addition to our care packages, parking waivers, and meals, we have chosen to assist parents in receiving professional counseling services so that they can tend to their emotional and mental well-being. We wholeheartedly believe professional counseling to be an invaluable resource in dealing with the ups and downs of the NICU roller coaster. Studies have shown that the use of therapeutic interventions early in the NICU experience can significantly reduce the risks of PTSD and Postpartum Depression.

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